Moriello Morning Swim

Where: Moriello Pool: 32 Mulberry Street

When: It is anticipated that this program will run from 6:45am to 8:15am weekdays. There might be a delayed start on Wednesday’s for vacuuming; start at 7:15

Season: 9 weeks beginning on 6/30 [Monday] through 8/29 [Friday]

Coach: Dan Lebost, who currently coaches our Masters group. He is planning to be on-deck at the pool at least three days per week. There will be a choice of printed workouts. He is excellent & will have us swimming more efficiently soon enough. Please let Dan know what you want to improve on; he is very approachable

Workouts: Will consist of both dry land drills as well as stroke training. Yes, the water might feel a tad chilly … but hey, you know that already. You will feel great getting in a terrific workout right at the start of your day

Attendance: It is up to you in terms of when you arrive/leave

Cost: $100 for this 9-week program [not $100/week; $100 for ALL nine weeks] Cash or checks made out to CASH. Feel free to try it out for a couple of days to see if it’s for you

Closings: This is an outdoor pool & run by Bill Russell & the lifeguards We are subject to delays/closings because fog/lightening/etc.

Facebook: Sign up at: Moriello Morning Swim where additional information will be posted. Encourage any friends to join as the more we have the better

Please print or email Dan Winfield the following information and bring along your check to Morning Swim. Email to: Dan Winfield –



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