Practice at SUNY starts on Sept 2

Practice Starts Sept 2nd!
Are you registered?

To Register:
1. Go to the telecommunications office (HAB 35) and either bring the Masters Application or fill one out when you are there. Payment will be submitted along with this application.

2. Get your ID from the ID office, just down the hall.

3. Bring your completed application to Scott Whitbeck in the pool office. When you bring this to him, you need to show him proof of your Masters registration. All swimmers must be USMS registered. You can do this here –

NOTE: if you wait till Sept 1st you will be a reduced amount for USMS registration. There will be 2 options.

a. You can register for the remainder of 2014 (4 months) and receive a
discount of $10.00 off the national fee; your membership will expire on
December 31, 2014, OR

b. You can register for 2014 and pre-pay for all of 2015 and receive a
$20.00 discount off the national fees. You will receive a 2014 membership
number immediately, and a 2015 membership number at the end of December.
Your membership will expire on December 31, 2015.

You will not be able to swim until you have paid / registered / received an ID / registered for USMS.

DOWNLOAD 2014-2015 Masters Application

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