Workout posted for Jan7

Coach Dan says…

“Welcome back. I’m excited to see all of you with some ambitious new years resolutions. My own resolution is to get all of you fit and where you want to be for your triathlon races come this spring and summer. To get you there, I ask that you give up on some toys – this includes fins and kickboards – and get some new ones – a heart rate monitor.

Last year you became accustomed to seeing ( TP ) or Triathlon pace. We will be working with this even more in the coming weeks. A heart rate monitor will not only help you stay in your zone, understand what your zone is, but you will be able to mark your progress and see results along the way. I can go over this in more details in person, but I would say if you want to understand more about yourself and how your body responds to different workouts, this is a worthy investment for any triathlete.


Many athletes have heart rate monitors and waterproof data collection devices (Suunto, Garmin, Timex come to mind), but many of these devices, while waterproof, may not be suitable for active monitoring while swimming because they broadcast at 2.4 GHZ. Manufacturer Polar makes many devices that broadcast at 5GHZ and come with T31 coded transmitters/chest straps which are suited for use in water and designed to sustain long term use in chlorinated pools.

The Polar FT1 and Polar FT2 are the least expensive but don’t offer data download.
The Polar FT7, Polar RS300X, and Polar RS400 allow for data download.

There are certainly other options out there, like the Finish AquaPulse or perhaps a FitBit or Garmin Vivofit can be combined with a HR strap? Or maybe you should be like Phelps and learn to check your own pulse.


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