Swim Workout 10/08/13

Hey Everyone,

You will find this evening’s swim practice attached below. It involves a great many push ups. Push ups, especially variations of push ups, help strengthen the propulsion phase of every stroke. They also help with stabilization in the rotator cuffs and scapular muscles helping to reduce the risk of injury over time and bringing balance to your stroke.

Although I encourage these, feel free to opt out. I know getting in and out of the pool can be difficult, but think of this as just an extra push up you are getting in. Also, if you are feeling ambitious, any push up can be done as a ‘plyometric or clap push up’ where you lift yourself into the air and clap before coming back down onto your hands. These are important for sprinters and for those who perform open turns. I’d like to stress that these are difficult and can be dangerous so please be careful.

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Lastly, proper form in the push up is very important: make sure to keep your body in a straight line from the head to the ankles. If your back sags, this will put excess pressure on your spine. A straight back will ensure that you are using your core muscles. I will be increasing the amount of push ups over time, so it is in your best interest to do them as best as you can ( even if assisted with knees on the ground ).

See proper form in this video.

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